Janneke Beuerlein, a Cincinnati-based visual artist, draws inspiration from emotion, nature, and motherhood in her abstract paintings. 
Following her Bachelors of Fine Arts from Xavier University, she transitioned from wedding photography to pursue artistic freedom through intuitive canvas work in her home studio in Landen, Ohio, alongside her husband and two children.
For purchasing or exhibition info please contact the artist via email: beuerleinja@gmail.com.
- 12/12/2023
In my art, I wrestle with the profound impact of losing my maternal grandfather and my father's cancer diagnosis in quick succession. This collection serves as my visual narrative, an introspective journey through grief's intricate tapestry.
The somber, profound blues within the artwork symbolize the weight of grief, whether it's the conventional mourning or the uncharted territories of anticipatory sorrow. These deep hues mirror the profound sadness and a sense of helplessness that can overshadow one's perspective on life.
Within this emotional landscape, I utilize color as a symbolic lifeline. Each stroke is a testament to life persisting despite the shadows. Occasionally, a burst of vivid hues emerges, underscoring the resilience of the human soul. Yet, more often than not, the relentless blue prevails, a poignant reminder of grief's pervasive impact, dominating the vibrant spectrum of existence. My art becomes a dialogue between the suffocating grasp of sorrow and the resilient pulse of life, reflecting the complex interplay between loss and the enduring spirit.
- 03/18/2024
In my recent artwork, I explore the feeling of emotional numbness as I navigate through my grieving process. Initially, the paintings appear white and bare, but a closer look reveals intricate textures and layers.
Color, in the past utilized as a symbolic lifeline, takes on a nuanced role in these paintings. While once vibrant and full of meaning, my palette has shifted to overwhelming neutrality, mirroring a state of emotional void. In this liminal space, where grief and hope coexist in an elusive dance, I find myself suspended in the in-between. Not feeling anything at all.
Through my art, I confront the paradox of feeling everything and nothing simultaneously. It is an exploration of the human condition, where moments of despair are intertwined with glimmers of resilience. In this journey of self-discovery, I invite viewers to contemplate the beauty found within the void and the possibility of finding meaning in the midst of nothingness.
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